The Maria Group was created to assist non-profit organizations in fulfilling their noble work in the world. The Maria Group leverages three decades of experience managing successful commercial enterprises to support non-profit organizations to succeed in their philanthropic missions.

We have worked on behalf of a diversity of issues—including animal rescue, environmental protection, community-based, education, religious groups, and youth enrichment. We are honored to have worked with such organizations as Marine Animal Rescue, Last Chance for Animals, Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, St. Bernard High School, and Louisville High School.

Led by founder and president Vito Maria, the Maria Group has supported dozens of organizations to enhance their capacity to perform in an increasingly complex world.

Utilizing a hands-on approach, the Maria Group combines one-on-one interviews, board meetings, staff retreats, in-depth phone conversations, and written questionnaires to formulate a comprehensive understanding of an organization's functioning.

As a result of working with the Maria Group, our clients consistently report exceeding their original goals.

Vito Maria