Technology Enhancement
Today, non-profits operate in a time of rapid and unprecedented technological changes.

Telephones and newsletters have been replaced by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Newspaper drives and car washes must be balanced with savvy crowd-sourced fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter. Money is scarcer, populations are more fragmented, and the length and size of digestible content is evolving.

Maintaining a high-performing non-profit organization might seem a daunting task as our technologies seem to become obsolete by the week.

Fortunately, The Maria Group has three decades of experience with Digital Technology Enhancement through work in both non-profit for-profit sectors.

We are prepared to guide you in expanding and updating your communications platforms, reinventing your fundraising technologies, and installing and training staff to use the most cutting-edge supporter tools and databases.

And by understanding the economic realities of non-profit finances, The Maria Group can suggest potent technological solutions that fit within your operating budget.

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Digital Technology Enhancement