SWOT Analysis
A SWOT Analysis is a method of evaluating an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) to allow it to reach full potentially to realize its mission.

A SWOT Analysis provides an organization with a heightened perspective of both advantages and potential vulnerabilities facing a non-profit.

Less complex than a traditional strategic plan, a SWOT Analysis can provide concrete steps for organizations operating in environments where economics and demographics are experiencing massive change.

The Maria Group has provided SWOT Analysis for a variety of organizational types with powerful results.

One recent client involved a well-established private school in operation for over 30 years that saw diminished enrollment due to surrounding charter and magnet schools. A SWOT analysis of the surrounding community discovered a gap between public perception of the school’s academic performance and the actual achievements of the students.

After implementing a modernized messaging and outreach campaign, the school experienced an enrollment boost of 7% after just one year and a 12% increase afterwards.

Imagine how a SWOT Analysis might enhance the performance of your organization.

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