Who We Are

We assist non-profit organizations working on a variety of causes to fulfill their noble work in the world.

The Maria Group leverages three decades of experience managing successful commercial enterprises to support non-profit organizations to succeed in their philanthropic missions.

We have worked on behalf of a diversity of issues—including animal rescue, environmental protection, community-based, education, religious groups, and youth enrichment. We are honored to have worked with such organizations as Marine Animal Rescue, Last Chance for Animals, Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, St. Bernard High School, and Louisville High School.

Led by founder and president Vito Maria, the Maria Group has supported dozens of organizations to enhance their capacity to perform in an increasingly complex world.

Utilizing a hands-on approach, The Maria Group combines one-on-one interviews, board meetings, staff retreats, in-depth phone conversations, and written questionnaires to formulate a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s functioning.

As a result of working with the Maria Group, our clients consistently report exceeding their original goals.

Who We've Worked With

Our Work

A Select Sample of Recent Case Studies

Board Development


Our staff assisted a recent client from having no Board to a fully-functioning, ten-person Board in one year. The new Board members came with diverse professional backgrounds in accounting, law, and marketing that greatly expanded fundraising effectiveness: within four-years revenue had tripled without increasing the number of fundraising events.

Development Services


A moderate-sized non-profit in the animal welfare sector was able to expand its operating budget—along with its fundraising capacity to support the expansion—from $90,000 to $360,000 while working with The Maria Group.

Capital Campaigns


Recently shifted 90% of organizational funding sources from a single foundation to a diversified public/foundation supporter base. This increased the organization’s paid staff by 300% percent through medium-term capital campaign strategy.

Grant Writing


The Maria Group secured over 2.5 million in grants collectively among our clients in 2018 and in 2019 that number rose to 3.2 million for a two year total of 5.7 million dollars.

Strategic Planning


A well-established private school in operation for over 30 years saw diminished enrollment due to surrounding charter and magnet schools. After performing a SWOT Analysis and implementing a modernized messaging and outreach campaign, the school experienced an enrollment boost of 7% after just one year and a 12% increase afterwards.



The Maria Group assisted in increasing organizational revenue three-fold through a four-year fundraising plan for one small-medium sized non-proft. The client saw a doubling of annual donations while simultaneously reducing annual fundraisers by 75%.

We are dedicated to catalyzing diverse causes — including animal rescue, environmental protection, education, community building, religious outreach, and youth enrichment.

Our Expertise

We help non-profits augment their internal capacities by providing a variety of critical services.

Strategic Planning

We assist organizations in the design, formation, refinement, and implementation of this shared set of objectives that define how a non-profit can fulfill its mission in the world.

Development Consulting

One of The Maria Group’s core competencies is Development Consulting. Our staff can assist any organization in dramatically increasing its fundraising capabilities through smart and effective capital initiatives.

Capital Campaigns

Guided by the principle that a non-profit can only be effective in the world if it has adequate resources to fulfill its mission—we help ensure a capital campaign dramatically increase your fundraising capabilities through smart and effective initiatives.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a method of evaluating an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) to allow it to reach full potentially to realize its mission. The Maria Group has provided SWOT Analysis for a variety of organizational types with powerful results.

Board Development

We can lead in the creation of an initial Board Development for any organization—or revitalize an already-existing Board into an entity better suited for an environment.

Grant Writing

Grant writing isn’t like other types of writing. It requires a unique combination of skills that must meld in a certain way in order to be most effective. In 2018 alone, The Maria Group’s grant writing team cultivated over 2.5 million in grants collectively among our clients.


We can help ensure the long-term fiscal health of an organization through the creation of an Organizational Endowment.

Messaging & Branding

The Maria Group can help tell the story of your non-profit to multiple demographics through a cohesive Branding process.


A major core-competency of The Maria Group is fundraising. We will help your organization expand your Annual Fund effectiveness and scope. Our clients regularly report massive fundraising gains due to our extensive work.

Technology Enhancement

We are prepared to guide you in expanding and updating your communications platforms, reinventing your fundraising technologies, and installing and training staff to use the most cutting-edge supporter tools and databases.

Our Team

Our team has successfully consulted with dozens of non-profits to assist them in reaching and exceeding their strategic, financial, and leadership goals.

Vito Maria

Founder & CEO

Ariel Gale

Director of Development

Michelle Carpenter

Business Manager

Wendy Feinberg

Special Projects, Research & Event Producer

Nicholas Havey

Grant Writer & Copy Editor

Susanne Thomas, PhD

Grant Specialist

Erin Smith

Digital Marketing Associate

Our Partners

In order to provide exceptional work at an affordable price, The Maria Group successfully curates and manages partnerships with industry leaders in various fields to deliver a myriad of services on an at-need basis for our clients.


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Leveraging three decades of experience managing successful commercial enterprises to support non-profit organizations to succeed in their philanthropic missions—The Maria Group was designed to assist your organization fulfill its highest-potential long into the future.

To learn how working with The Maria Group could augment the capacities and effectiveness of your non-profit organization, schedule an initial complimentary consultancy with our Founder, Vito Maria.

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